She eats these skeezy cheeses that I can’t describe | 12:15 pm | 20 June 2005

Yesterday, I got to try what I think is the stinkiest cheese I’ve had so far: Livarot from Normandie. Wow! This was awesome — it started hinting of buttered cauliflower, then we realized it tastes like BARN. That’s right, silage. You’d think it would be nasty, and you’d be sort of right — but it was nasty in a wonderful, rich, lucious way. You could taste the cows and grasses and sunshine. Followed with a sip of wine, it was like France was in your mouth. Yum! I scored the leftover half-wheel, and will have to pick up some wine for it tonight.

4 comments on “She eats these skeezy cheeses that I can’t describe”

  1. Miriam

    More for me! More for me!
    Love the finish on thaat tagline, jima.

  2. jima

    There’s a pseudo-Simpsons quote in there somewhere. “It’s like France is in my mouth… and everyone’s bathing!” Or something like that.

    It’s too bad you didn’t hook up again with my friend from UW Madison before she left Wisconsin for greener pastures. She is a big cheez fiend. She has this theory that women are much more in tune with the flavors of a good cheese than men. And to support this theory, of course she has had to do much research, eating cheeses of various kinds. Oh, the hardships that you have to go through to support your theories!

    As for me, I like nothing more than to sit down with a nice wheel of …. Babybel. Mua ha haaaa.

  3. TheHuz

    I concur with jim on this one. I’ll stick to the nice mild cheddars and swisses. I prefer to keep the barn behind the house rather than in my mouth.

  4. Reecie

    It’s like France is in my mouth … and everyone’s bathing!


    PS: Mmm, stinky cheese.

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