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hooray for the Gayest night on tv (besides monday night football) | 9:38 pm | 5 June 2005

the Tonies! Yay. Questions:

  1. Why is this little annoying queen talentless hack thinking when he’s impersonating this even more annoying, overrated queen?
  2. “Who’s this moistened bint with a cup in her hand?,” asks Russ…
  3. of COURSE it’s a METAPHOR, is there really anyone yet who hasn’t read The DaVinci Code?
  4. STROBE! damned seizures
  5. “Find your grail. With Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers.” -Russ
  6. Oh, Kathleen Turner, your plastic surgeon is not your friend. That’s a shame.
  7. Notable: first, hopefully last, winner thanks “god”
  8. What is UP with that fucking TIAA/Cref ad? It’s all about selling health insurance, but if they knew where the song came from — DUDE, THEY DIED. And sing the damned song right, anway. OMFG!!!! Hugh Jackman is FUCKING SINGING IT. RIGHT NOW. How the hell much did they pay for THAT?!
  9. Speaking of ads, can there be more? Starting with a 20 minute TiVo buffer, plus 30 minutes for dinner… and we’re out of buffer. Jeeeebus.
  10. Suppose I was a Bee. A Gay Bee… or, Tevye…
  11. SEVEN MINUTES of commercials? Oy.
  12. and finally: How do you win best musical but none of the rest of what you’ve been nominated for, and how do you win best musical, the grand finale of the night, but get orchestraed off in fifteen seconds?

Overall, though, this was way more fun than the Oscars; better writing, better performances, and just way, way happier. One thing that would be great, is if in addition to all the musical numbers, they featured scenes from all the nominated plays.

3 comments on “hooray for the Gayest night on tv (besides monday night football)”

  1. jen

    Jackman won a tony last year for his musical hes in – i was shocked as all helll to hear he could sing too!

  2. Dnash

    “How do you win best musical but none of the rest of what you’ve been nominated for”

    First, note that it also won best direction of a musical and best featured actress in a musical. Spamalot is one of those shows where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I saw it back in January in the Chicago pre-Broadway tryout, and it’s really a great show. Sara Ramirez completely deserves that Tony – she really steals the show from the guys, she’s so incredibly versatile and talented. As far as the guys go, they’re all hilarious, but the way it’s written none of them really stands out as a “lead actor.” And also notice that the other shows split things up: book went to “Spelling Bee,” score went to “Light in the Piazza,” etc. (Piazza seemed to dominate the design awards, but it looks like it’s a more conventional piece and therefore an easier/more obvious choice for those.)So all in all I think it’s a fairly equitable split of the awards take. (and it’s LONG been known that big box office $$ gets the Best Musical award – this was proved beyond a doubt when “Into the Woods” won every award except BM, which went to “Phantom of the Opera.”) As for getting cut off at the end – the stupid producer was rambling in the most boring and pretentious fashion possible. If they’d let Eric Idle speak it would’ve been better. But even then, CBS really isn’t a big fan of the Tonys, so they put tremendous pressure on the show not to run long.

  3. Miriam

    Yeah, I missed those, my bad. It just seemed like it didn’t pick up much. As much as I want to see it, I didn’t feel like spending the $500 tickets were going for when we were in Chicago…

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