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it’s not so crappy | 8:41 pm | 6 February 2005

“Watching” the Superbowl, and I have to say that as cheesy and awful as I was expecting the half-time show to be, this is actually pretty preferable to the over-produced, fireworks-and-excess shit they usually do. If there has to be a band bigger than the local high school marching band — this is supposedly a football game, after all — the minimalist but colorful set and simple focus on Paul McCartney is really nice. What’s up with the audience, though?

Oh, wait, “Live and Let Die.” Here come the fireworks.

No – wait – the glowsticks from above with the blue circles~! Fucking beautiful!

OK, the “na na na” cards doing the wave are really kinda gey. Is that Jon bon Jovi on the geetar?

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