Master Class #18 | 8:06 am | 14 December 2004

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 1
souffle au fromage


Soufflé au Fromage, pp. 163-64
Russ, being the Master of All Things Eggy, took this one on. Scary as they seem, Soufflé wasn’t so bad. If you can make an angel food cake, you can do this.

(Russ’ favorite cake is angel food, which means that I cry every year on his birthday as I carry out a sad, low, really pathetic cake. This year, he was in charge of his own damned cake, and it was gorgeous, on his first time out.)

Cheese soufflé is basically a bechamèl sauce folded into stiff-peaked egg whites, and baked. Russ highly recommends you see the Alton Brown episode, “The Eggs Files: 5” for a look at the science, which gives you a much better understanding of why your soufflé works… or doesn’t. Given the intensity of the soufflé preparation, we served vegetables we had worked with before.

Champignons Sauteé à la Bordelaise, p. 513
Mushrooms Sauteéd with Shallots, Garlic and Herbs

Asperges au Naturel, p. 436
Sauce Bernaise, p. 79
Steamed Asparagus with Bernaise

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