Stornoway surgery | 9:31 am | 13 December 2004

I’ve been working on this sweater I’m making for my father since February. Now at the armscye (knitting word for arm hole), I put the back on a piece of junk yarn and started working on just the front. Before this, all the stitches were jammed tight on one needle, and I was unable to see just how freakishly large the sweater was. Oops. My dad has a little pot belly but he is no John Goodman. I took it home at Thanksgiving; we were BOTH able to fit into it – at the same time!

I was getting gauge just fine; I double-checked the pattern, however, and noticed that the crucial pit-to-pit measurement wasn’t given. NB: When Alice Starmore says “large,” she means it, and how.No! I am an idiot and was looking at the metric column, not the inches. Duh.

stornoway with steek
After finding the correct width by comparing Gigantor with a sweater that actually fits my father, I decided to lose three of the four panels that create chevrons near the sides of the sweater — you can sort of see them on the top photograph. The stitches were secured by crocheting a chain of yarn up each side of where the new seam was to go. I used Jamieson’s shetland wool for that, as it’s such a sticky yarn that Fair Isle knitters often cut their steeks without even securing the stitches.



It took almost a full day’s work to do the surgery — possibly a bit long since I’m a novice at this — but it sure beat unravelling almost a full year’s work. Hopefully it will go a little faster from here on out.

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