Two Degrees, or: I reveal my inner fanboy | 8:19 am | 29 September 2004

<lindsay> just got back from dinner & drinks & teaching doug bowman about aussie football
<lindsay> wow
<mimi> THE douglas bowman?
<lindsay> 11, I think i should go do sleep stuff
<lindsay> yeah
<lindsay> unless there is another one i’m unaware of
<mimi> stopdesign?
<lindsay> yep
<lindsay> thats the one
<lindsay> ooh, not in public :p
<mimi> you lucky little bitch!
<lindsay> yeah, hes down here for a conference, so we took hime & some of the other guys out for dinner
<lindsay> i have a blog?
<mimi> thought so
<mimi> didn’t i get my gmail invite from you?
<mimi> ’cause i made a limerick on your blog?
<lindsay> yeah, its just hard to remember, I never update the damn thinkg
<mimi> you’re too cool to blog now, hunh
<lindsay> yup :D
<mimi> HA i’ll do it for you
<lindsay> dave shea & joe clark are here too
<mimi> ask joe what is up with the goatse book cover
<lindsay> heh, i will
<mimi> hey russ let’s go to oz and hang out with the cool kids
<TheRuss> sha
<mimi> ’cause you know i blogged that
<lindsay> joe’s actually sleeping on my couch for a few days next week
<mimi> hahaha you have to take a photo of his book sitting on his bum while he’s sleeping
<TheRuss> heh
<lindsay> ill see what i can do :p
<mimi> that would ROCK
<mimi> then you could blog it
<mimi> so, like, did you make sure your couch was Bobby approved?
<mimi> d’oh
<lindsay> its accessible enough for me, thats all i care about :)
<mimi> werd
<marvin> w3rd!

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