Master Class, Menu #8 | 12:25 pm | 27 September 2004

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 1
game hen


Coquelets sur Canapés, pp. 246-49
Roast Squab Chickens with Chicken Liver Canapés & Mushrooms
This is a roast game hen sitting on a piece of bread that’s been fried then slathered with a mixture of shallots, livers and fois gras. Whole Foods didn’t have fois gras, they had “goose mousse,” so I used that instead. (At $100 for a breadloaf-pan full, I think I will make “goose mousse” for holiday presents, as it didn’t really taste any different than my ownYe Olde Family Liverpaste Recipe.)

Carottes aux Fines Herbes
Braised Carrots with Herbs
I am quickly discovering two truths:

  1. Carrots don’t suck if you cook the shit out of them.

And add copious amounts of butter.

The Wine
Château La Rose Metairie, Haut Médoc 2002
Château de Paraza, Cuvée Spéciale 2002
$8.99 each, Barrique’s Wine Cave

The Reviews
This was totally worth the pain-in-the-ass-ness of eating a game hen. Would be even nicer to just use a normal-sized game bird, like a pheasant or something. We rode our bikes the FOURTEEN MILES round-trip to Whole Foods; so no, I’m not concerned about the sauce-sucking fried liver toast. Or the buttered carrots…

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  1. Matt Frost

    Magnifique! I think you should write a cookbook called “Carrots Don’t Suck if You Cook the Shit out of Them.”

  2. K. Bell

    true about veggies. SO many people love veggies now and are really smug about it. Potatoes are fabulous and Caesar Salad is great but the rest of them I could do without. So, the truth is, just Cook The Shit Out Of Them. You should write a book about that. I couldn’t be worse than Julie/Julia.

  3. admin

    Ha! I was kinda disappointed by the book, too – without the actual blog entries, it was just another twentysomething-in-the-city memoir. You can’t not write about the food!

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