What Not to Knit, Part V | 9:37 am | 23 September 2004

Click into the comments the link, because in addition to being soooo fugly, it’s not so much safe for work.

5 comments on “What Not to Knit, Part V”

  1. jima

    If only Russ Meyer were still around to see this!

  2. Miriam

    Eh, what are those, Bs? He wouldn’t look at them. Now that, um, sweater on someone of say, Tura Santana’s dimensions, would be far more comical and while still ridiculous, might be on the same land mass as “sexy.”

    I’ve never seen boobs look more teat-like. Do you think that with the color choice, the holes kinda look foreskin-like? (Disclaimer: never seen one.)

  3. Miriam



  4. mac

    Why? Why, why, why? Argh.

  5. Miriam

    I think it needs some fried eggs.

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