Rogue (sweater #2) is finished! | 12:56 pm | 17 June 2004

Rogue hooded sweater finishedRogue is finally done! (This means it will be very hot outside soon.) The silly pose is to show off the cable detailing. I left off the pocket. Complex cables = easy peasy. Seaming set-in sleeves = pain in the ass. It probably needs a wash and block session; I’m waiting until I get some Eucelan or whatever is the Good Soap for Sweaters.

I have a lot of other things in the queue, but I’d love to have a tweedy red cardigan (3/14/04 entry) version of it, or at least just a tweedy red one! Again, for reference, this was Cascade 220 in color #9237 on #8 Addi Turbos.

Click the photo for a larger image.


3 comments on “Rogue (sweater #2) is finished!”

  1. jima

    I thought the silly pose meant that you were about to bitch-slap whoever was taking the picture.

  2. Rose

    Looks great! I’m just about convinced that I need to knit one, though I will probably do it as a cardigan, like the one you linked to, since I need something I can put on and take off for better temperature control.

  3. ioulianpotho

    looks really nice! I’m planning to knit a cardi Rogue in Cascade, so I was glad to see how nice it knits up.

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