felted entrelac knapsack | 11:14 am | 19 February 2004

knitability entrelac knapsackFinally posting this felted entrelac knapsack from Knitability. I did the kit; they had great service and nice yarn that smelled lovely. The bag felted easily but since the yarn is 15% mohair I took Russ’ beard trimmer to it to get rid of some of the longer fibers that were giving it too fuzzy of a halo. It’s very nice as a purse and it’s big enough to hold a knitting project. I was going to add an interior pocket for my wallet, phone and keys but I was too impatient and now I wish I had.


2 comments on “felted entrelac knapsack”

  1. Mac

    That is a beautiful piece of work! Wow!

  2. salvatore

    Awesome Mir! Taking orders yet?

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