I can’t decide | 8:49 am | 8 October 2003

Who I hate more:
a) Randy Newman
b) Elton John
c) Bob Dylan
Right now, though, NPR is playing Overrated Annoying Hack “A,” so he’s number 1 for a loud “shut the fuck up!”

6 comments on “I can’t decide”

  1. Miriam

    And during a pledge drive, too. Do they think I’m going to give them money now?


  2. jen

    OH MY GOD! I thgouht i was the only one who hated Newman!

    My list:

    1: Randy Newman – they had him do the Monk Theme song WHY this season???? EWWW!
    2: Bob dylan
    3: Tom Petty
    4: Springsteen
    5: any new age music goober

  3. Miriam

    WHY does that man get work??

    I’m not a fan of Petty or Springsteen but it’s not to the same hatey level that makes me try to destroy any equipment that should be unlucky enough to be playing it.

  4. ltlwing47

    Y’all insane to hate Bob.
    He’s an American treasure.

    Did you ever actually LISTEN to an album of his?

  5. Miriam

    Everybody’s always goin’ on about how great he is, and I have to say that I’ve really tried. A friend subjected me during a road trip and after an hour I had to give up before I drove the car into a ravine just to make it stop. Now my husband is on a kick and I swear I’m about to start blaring the showtunes. “Drunken talentless hack.” Yeah, tha’d be about right.

  6. jen

    YES, I’ve heard his stuff – since i was a kid! I was a hippie kid, raised by hippie parents, who worked in a NPR associated folk public radio station in a bohemian college town much like Berkeley. HATE HIM. H A T E.

    Your treasure is my drunken talentless hack.

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