maybe you don’t wanna fuck with the CIA | 8:00 am | 27 September 2003

Remember Joseph Wilson, the former US ambassador to Iraq, who critized Bomby McSmarmypants* for including unsubstantiated crap into the State of the Union Address? Then somehow *cough* White House leak *cough* the media finds out that Wilson’s wife iswas an undercover CIA operative working in Africa? It’s a federal offense to blow a CIA cover, and finally this might be coming back:

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell reported Friday night that the CIA has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether White House officials blew Plame’s cover in retaliation against Wilson. Revealing the identities of covert officials is a violation of two laws, the National Agents’ Identity Act and the Unauthorized Release of Classified Information Act.

Of course, that’s Ashcroft’s Justice Department, so I’m not expecting much.
*Mac’s terrific name for him.
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