I told mama | 10:50 am | 23 June 2003

To the girls caterwauling the entire songlist of Caberet in front of my house at 2:45 AM Sunday, I gotcher mama on the phone and she says to not quit your day job.

2 comments on “I told mama”

  1. Nicole

    Ugh — I have those too. Except my little alleyway karaoke posse really digs Britney Spears. How I wish there was a grassy knoll close by.

  2. jima

    Ahh, memories. I recall the time when I was living in lovely off-campus housing in Richmond, VA, and one of my drunken neighbors decided to regale the neighborhood with an a cappella version of Nirvana’s “Rape Me”. At 4 in the morning.

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