I am a Total Geek | 10:45 am | 6 June 2003

What the hell? I only got 33.53057% on this geek test. I suppose my fabulous PartyDynaGirl skillz hurt me and the fact that I don’t do the gaming/sci-fi stuff. So be it.
Via Jen @ Very Big Blog

6 comments on “I am a Total Geek”

  1. Anne

    If it makes you feel any better, I only got 30% (and change). Sniffle. I thought I’d score higher. Maybe if I went out an bought a Spock costume…

  2. Miriam

    And I’d say we’re pretty geeky! I even included “dressing up like a movie character” although technically I was a cast member… um.. or that’s how I justify it, anyway. I’d call that “dorky,” not “geeky.” Whatever.

    I’m scared to find out what himself scores on this.

  3. mnickel

    nya nya…

    46.15385% – Super Geek

    /me cues up a Rick James riff

  4. Miriam

    LOL, Mark, I am scared of you.
    Of course you get ten points deducted though for never, ever updating your blog ;-)

  5. timon

    I got 31.9%. Maybe because of less on comptuer skillz but more on knowledge of sci-fi and my past geek years with RPG’s (1982-1985).

  6. patti

    i KNEW it!! i would have gotten over 50% if i had ever played any RPGs!! it’s not a geek test, it’s a nerd test! (i got 35 something. maybe i’ll go back and lie about all the gaming questions and see what i get. or not.)

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